State Planning Policy 4.2 - Activity centres for Perth and Peel

The activity centres policy is a state planning policy for the planning and development of activity centres throughout Perth and Peel.

The main purpose of this policy is to specify broad planning requirements for the planning and development of new activity centres and the redevelopment and renewal of existing centres in Perth and Peel. It is mainly concerned with the distribution, function, broad land use and urban design criteria of activity centres, and with coordinating their land use and infrastructure planning.

Other purposes of the policy include:

  • the integration of activity centres with public transport
  • ensuring they contain a range of activities to promote community benefits through infrastructure efficiency and economic benefits of business clusters
  • lower transport energy use and associated carbon emissions.

The policy also reflects the Western Australian Planning Commission’s intention to encourage and consolidate residential and commercial development in activity centres so that they contribute to a balanced network.

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What was said about the activity centres policy
Page reviewed 2 February 2022