Apply for the Life Support Equipment Energy Subsidy

Fact sheet
Subsidy to help with life support equipment energy costs.

The life support equipment energy subsidy is provided to assist financially disadvantaged persons, or their dependants, to meet the energy costs associated with operating life support equipment in their home under specialist medical advice.

Subsidy payments are made directly into a bank account nominated by the applicant.


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The patient must be dependent on specified life support equipment used in their home under specialist medical advice.

The applicant may be either

  • the patient who requires the specified life support equipment for their own use or
  • the guardian or primary caregiver of a person who utilises the energy for life support equipment in their own home.

The patient or the guardian/primary caregiver must be the holder of a Pensioner Concession Card (issued by either Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs), Health Care Card (not including the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card) or Health Care Interim Voucher.

RevenueWA will require the applicant’s authorisation to confirm the status of the concession card with Centrelink and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

    If the applicant is a child or an adult who is unable to sign the application form due to age or disability, the guardian or primary caregiver may sign the form on their behalf as long as the reason for doing so is noted on the application form.

    Medical authorisation

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    Medical authorisation must be provided by:

    • a specialist medical practitioner or a medical practitioner working in a specialist department of a hospital or
    • a hospice doctor or
    • in an area outside of the Perth Metropolitan Area, a doctor or General Practitioner who also works on an occasional basis from a local hospital or rural health service.

    Specified equipment

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    Applicable specified equipment must be prescribed by an authorised medical practitioner and must be operated at the applicant’s home address.

    The following table lists the specified life support equipment and the amount of the annual subsidy that is applicable per item of equipment. Equipment not listed in this table is not covered under this scheme.

    Specified equipment Annual Subsidy
    Oxygen concentrator (adult - standard capacity) $914
    Oxygen concentrator (adult - high capacity ‘New Life Intensity’) $1,319
    Oxygen concentrator (child) $1,371
    Feeding pump $164
    Suction pump $217
    Apnoea monitor (child only) $275
    Heart pump $432
    Adult - only when a tracheostomy is expected to be in place for more than 6 months and nebulised therapy is required for life support purposes
    Child - only when used every day for 1-2 hours per day
    Machine assisted peritoneal dialysis equipment $100
    Ventilator - VPAP or BPAP machines $479
    CPAP machine
    Adult - only when clinically prescribed for adults with obesity hypoventilation syndrome, tracheomalacia, obstructive sleep apnoea with sleep hypoventilation, or other life threatening disease as determined by a specialist with usage over four hours per night
    Child - only when prescribed for severe obstructive sleep apnoea, tracheomalacia or other life threatening disease as determined by the treating specialist


    How to apply

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    Complete the Life Support Equipment Energy Subsidy Application Form in full.  The authorisation and declaration must be signed by the applicant and patient, as applicable.

    The medical authorisation must be completed in full by an authorised medical practitioner.

    If the patient lives in supported accommodation such as a nursing home, permanent caravan park home or similar, you must provide a copy of an invoice or similar document showing that the applicant is individually billed and pays for measured energy usage. 

    RevenueWA has the right to decline an application (or require repayment of any subsidy already paid) if the Commissioner is of the reasonable opinion that false or misleading information has been provided, or if the eligibility criteria have not been met. Applicants may seek review of such a decision.

    Renewing your application

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    A renewal letter will be mailed to the applicant each year before the anniversary date of the application. Application for the subsidy must be renewed annually and any changes to the patient’s circumstances or application details must be provided. It is important to notify RevenueWA if the applicant’s postal, email and/or residential address changes to ensure the renewal letter is received.

    Attach the completed form to a web enquiry for faster processing.

    Every three years the patient’s specified life support equipment will need to be recertified by the authorised medical specialist to confirm ongoing eligibility for the subsidy.

    Energy supply outages

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    Keeping you safely connected to the electricity supply at all times is vital. If you have not already done so, it is essential that you contact your electricity retailer to register as a Life Support customer as soon as possible. Details can be found on your electricity retailer’s website or by phoning them directly:


    Page reviewed 1 July 2022