Making it easier to connect with State Government

ServiceWA is a cross government initiative that aims to place you at the centre of service delivery.

Our focus is to make it as easy as possible for you to interact with State Government by making our services and systems safe, efficient and easy for everyone.

A trial ServiceWA centre is now open in Bunbury offering over 80 transactions from five agencies in a single location.

The trial is an opportunity for us to gain valuable insights from customers and learn what works, and what doesn’t – helping shape the future of service delivery for Western Australians. 

Under this initiative, we have also launched a program of works to deliver some of the foundations to enable all agencies to deliver services online more easily, including establishing digital identities and a self-service portal. 

ServiceWA is helping to deliver on findings from the Service Priority Review and is a foundational step to reforming the way you connect with the State Government. To find out more, contact the ServiceWA team


Page reviewed 21 December 2020