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Streamline WA is a whole of government initiative to make it easier to do business in WA by improving regulation and regulatory practice. Launched on 6 December 2018, Streamline WA is a WA Government initiative to deliver better services and outcomes for Western Australians.

More effective regulation

Effective regulation supports innovation, investments and protects our community and environment, but regulation that is ineffective can increase the costs and difficulties of doing business.

We want to improve the way we develop and apply regulation in WA, to ensure that:

  • Western Australians are confident that risks are well managed
  • Regulatory requirements are clear and easy to understand
  • Our decision making addresses risks and focuses on outcomes
  • Our decision making is timely and transparent
  • We apply regulation consistently, and reduce overlap and duplication
  • We adopt a customer focused approach to service delivery
  • Government information, applications and processes are available online for maximum efficiency

By making regulation more effective, Streamline WA will encourage investment, make it easier to do business and create more jobs in Western Australia.

Streamline WA Steering Committee

Streamline WA is led by a Steering Committee, and is supported by regulatory and economic development government agencies through a Directors General Implementation Group.

Reinvigorated Streamline WA

In July 2020, the Government announced a series of new measures to accelerate action to streamline approval processes and further regulatory reform to aid economic recovery post COVID-19. The measures draw on Streamline WA’s existing work with industry including Mining and Environmental Approvals and a Review of Tourist Attraction approvals over 2019 and 2020.

Together with recent planning and environmental legislative reform, the measures address whole of government issues raised by the mining, tourism and hospitality sectors, and are designed to assist with cultural change, clarify expectations and improve proponent experience.  They aim to:

  • support digital transformation and online service delivery
  • ease the administrative load on businesses and Government;
  • improve and modernise parts of the legal framework; and
  • strengthen cross sector collaboration.

The seven immediate measures are: 
1.    Approval WA (Online One Stop Shop centralised at
2.    Clear guidance
3.    Reduced reporting burden 
4.    Build common understanding
5.    Strengthen case management support
6.    Statements of Expectation
7.    Performance measurement

The Government also announced additional measures to:
8.    Expand the Small Business Friendly Approvals Project to an additional 20 local governments; and
9.    Introduce legislative amendments to simplify decision-making and improve efficiency across four statutes for mining, tourism and other developments. 

Existing Projects

Since the establishment of Streamline WA, three projects have been progressed for Mining and Environmental Approvals, Regulatory Culture and Practice and a Review of Tourist Attraction Approvals.  Most of the issues raised by industry participants and the measures being implemented by these projects are addressed by the Government approved measures above. Some administrative measures are being internally implemented at agency level.

Further information about the Streamline WA reforms, and other government reforms is provided as follows:


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Page reviewed 7 April 2021