Careers at the Department of Communities - qualifications assessment for Specified Callings positions

Meeting essential qualification requirements for Specified Callings child protection roles at Communities.
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To be appointed to many of our frontline child protection roles, you must meet the essential qualification requirements for a Specified Callings role. This means that you must hold a relevant university qualification in social work, psychology or human services.

Not all degrees in these areas, however, will be suitable for child protection work. When applying for a Specified Callings position – such as Child Protection Worker, Team Leader, or Manager, Residential Care Services – you must submit your qualification to Communities for assessment. Communities assesses qualifications against its Qualifications Assessment Framework to ensure that they meet the requirements for Specified Callings.

When assessing your qualification, the Specified Calling Qualifications Assessment Committee (SCQAC) considers each qualification in isolation, if you hold more than one qualification. Your work history is not considered as part of the qualification assessment process. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about qualifications assessment

Who assesses my qualifications?

The SCQAC will assess your qualifications against Communities’ Qualifications Assessment Framework. SCQAC members include Executive Directors, General Managers and other key senior staff, who rigorously assess each qualification. The SCQAC have been in place since 2010.

Do I have to have my qualifications assessed before I apply for a position?

No, the SCQAC will only assess qualifications that are submitted for an advertised position. The qualifications assessment process will occur during the recruitment and selection process for the role which you have applied for.

Will all of my qualifications be assessed?

SCQAC assessment may not be required for some qualifications from certain universities in Australia. The Human Resource team will advise you if they require more information about your qualifications, for assessment purposes.

Do you consider my whole qualification profile when making a decision?

No, each qualification gets assessed in isolation, we do not “cobble” qualifications together to determine whether the sum of that meet the requirements.

How long does the qualifications assessment process take?

The qualifications assessment process may take several weeks; however, this may be delayed if you fail to submit all the required documents with your application. To make sure your qualifications are assessed promptly, please ensure you include the following: 

  • Official academic transcript that clearly states the date that the degree was conferred, and each unit of study 
  • Unit descriptors 
  • Overseas qualifications assessment (where appropriate).

Where can I get my overseas qualifications assessed?

You can get your overseas qualifications assessed through either: 

  • Overseas Qualifications Unit in WA (other states and territories are also accepted); or 
  • The Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW).

It is your responsibility to arrange for the assessment, and to provide the outcome as part of your application for a vacancy with Communities.

If I pass overseas qualifications assessment, does that mean that my qualification is suitable for a Specified Callings role with the Department?

No, overseas qualification assessment is a guide for employers as to the comparability of the level at which your qualification was delivered, and is not an occupational assessment. It does not guarantee that your qualification will be deemed suitable under the Qualifications Assessment Process, as this is specific to employment with us.

What happens if my qualification is not deemed suitable?

If your qualification is not approved by the SCQAC, then you will not be able to be appointed to a Specified Callings role within Communities. This does not prevent you from applying for general division positions, or applying for Specified Callings positions with other government agencies.