Department of Communities - Summons and Subpoenas

Summons and subpoena information with the Department of Communities.

For Legal Practitioners and Self-Represented Applicants/Respondents in court proceedings, having been granted leave to issue a summons or subpoena on the Department of Communities can obtain information on the correct service guidelines and fees for conduct money by:

All Family Court WA Subpoenas issued on the Department must comply with Family Court of Western Australia Practice Direction (No. 1 of 2014). Further to Practice Direction No. 1 of 2014 (Documents from the Department for Child Protection and Family Support) please see Family Court of Western Australia Information Note to Practitioners. Further details can be found on the Family Court of Western Australia website.

The fees for Conduct Monies are:

  • WA Independent Children’s Lawyers (“ICL”): $30
  • WA Applicants/Respondents: $80
  • Interstate Subpoena: $50

All Summons and Subpoenas issued on the Department must be accompanied with a covering letter pursuant to s238 Children and Community Services Act 2004 (WA) and be addressed to:

The Proper Officer
Department of Communities 
151 Royal Street
East Perth WA 6004

Mail summons and subpoenas documentation to:

Department of Communities
Summons and Subpoenas
Locked Bag 5000
Fremantle WA 6959

Page reviewed 6 September 2021