Department of Communities - Vision, Purpose, Values and Strategic Direction

Our vision, purpose and strategic direction
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Our vision

Better lives together through people, place and home.

Our vision articulates our aspiration for ourselves and the people we serve. Communities is looking into the future – determined, bold and brave.

People – focus on the needs and aspirations of the individuals, children and families we serve. We support people to be the best they can be, to live a meaningful life, with opportunity.

Place – relates to a collective sense of self and how and where people connect to the world around them.

Home – More than a building; home is different for everyone, it should be safe and functional, and provide both physical and emotional security.

Our purpose

One Communities - One Team - Working together to provide responsive services that build safe, inclusive and empowered communities.

Our purpose statement highlights the importance of improving the lives of individuals, children and families through the support we provide.

It is our core identity that aligns our team, partners and clients. It centres business efforts and critical decision-making.

Our values

Our values are core principles that underpin our shared behaviour and guide our culture. They define how we work together, with our partners and with the people we serve.


  • We do what we say we’ll do
  • We are honest


  • We are bold
  • We are brave


  • We treat everyone with dignity
  • We recognise contribution and value diversity


  • We are authentic and understanding
  • We are compassionate


  • We are collectively responsible
  • We are reliable


  • We are fair
  • We act in good faith


  • We support our colleagues
  • We build on strengths

Strategic direction

Learn more about our Strategic Direction Statement 2022-2025.