North Beach Redevelopment

The Department of Communities (Communities) North Beach Redevelopment project seeks to create a vibrant, inclusive, and liveable precinct by providing a range of appropriate and diverse housing choices.
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The North Beach redevelopment area includes a 2-hectare parcel of land owned by Communities that is surrounded by four roads (Cromer Way, Sedgeford Road and Mundford and Ellingham streets). 

The site's former ageing public housing was demolished in November 2023 to make way for a future residential development that will revitalise the site with a mix of social, affordable and private housing.

Engagement was completed in 2018 and 2019 with the local community and City of Stirling to develop a vision for the North Beach precinct and inform future development. The vision created was:

The North Beach redevelopment embodies the relaxed and coastal character of North Beach. It is a place that connects us with the natural landscape and enables us to evolve as a community.

The project aims to deliver well-designed and thoughtful housing, living spaces and amenity that reflect the characteristics of North Beach and community vision for the area.

Next steps

Communities has been working closely with key stakeholders to inform and guide our approach to the North Beach Redevelopment project. 

The community housing sector and development industry will be invited to express their interest in redeveloping the site to achieve a residential development which will improve the quality, affordability, diversity and amenity of housing supply in the suburb.

Through the Housing Diversity Pipeline and other procurement processes, the WA Government is making land available to industry and the community housing sector to help address current housing needs.

More information

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