Osprey Village Service Workers Accommodation

Osprey Village Service Workers Accommodation in South Hedland provides rental accommodation for service workers in need of affordable housing.
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Osprey Village Service Worker Accommodation has been developed to support greater affordable housing opportunities for workers in South Hedland.

Under the current rental policy:

  • Residents will be charged the lower of market rent or 25% of gross household income;
  • Market rent reviews will continue to be conducted on a yearly basis until there is sufficient evidence rents in the town have stabilised.

The policy ensures that the lowest income service worker households are given rental assistance.

Higher income households that pay market rent have the ongoing benefit of community living that Osprey Key Worker Village provides and the more flexible lease periods and conditions than is available in traditional rental accommodation.

A schedule of rents is available from the Village Office or by contacting out Village managers who will provide the information you need. 

For more information: 

To find out if you are eligible for bond loan assistance, please visit the Department of Communities bond assistance loans page.   

Online applications

Applications are being accepted from businesses nominating employees or from individuals working for an eligible business. Both the individual and the employer must meet the eligibility criteria. 

Before applying, please refer to the eligibility criteria below.

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Eligibility criteria

Do individuals or organisations apply for Osprey Key Worker Village Accommodation?

Applications are invited from organisations and individuals. Organisations, their employees and individuals must all satisfy the eligibility criteria to be offered housing in the Osprey Key Worker Village.

What are the individual eligibility criteria?

A person seeking accommodation at Osprey Village must:

  • Be an Australian citizen or be eligible to work in Australia;
  • Be employed in an occupation that services the community, not solely the resources sector;
  • Be employed and paid by an organisation based in the Hedland area in an ongoing position consisting of a minimum of 30 hours per week;
  • Not own a residential dwelling within 50 kilometres of the Osprey Village. This applies to all members of the household.
  • Not have an individual income greater than $150,000 or a household income greater than $200,000.
  • Not be eligible for other employee housing programs. This applies to all members of the household.
  • Have an arrangement in place to re-pay any existing debt with the Department of Communities.

What are the organisation eligibility criteria?

In addition to the above, an organisation seeking accommodation at the Osprey Village for one of its employees must:

  • Provide services to the community and not solely to the resources sector;
  • Generate local employment in the town of at least one full-time position consisting of a minimum of 30 hours per week. Self-employed people may apply where the majority of their income is derived from their business.
  • Require their employees to provide the requested details of all household members as part of an employee’s housing application; and
  • Demonstrate that any residential dwelling owned by the organisation in the town is, and will continue to be, used for housing their employees.

What supporting documentation will I need with my application?

To confirm your eligibility, we may request you supply supporting documentation such as:

  • A statutory declaration.
  • A business registration certificate.
  • A copy of Australian residency certificate or relevant visas.
  • Two forms of identification.
  • A current employee contract.
  • Copies of recent pay slips.

How will applications be prioritised?

When prioritising eligible applications, consideration will be given to:

  • Combined household income.
  • Established need for the services provided by the worker and their employing organisation.
  • Type and scope of services offered by the organisation.
  • Consequence to the individual or organisation if not allocated housing.
  • Other housing/funding options available to the organisation and/or their employee.
  • The number of properties already allocated to an organisation.

What is meant by combined household income?

Combined household income is the sum of all income for all occupants. Income includes wages, salary investment income, and Centrelink benefits. Income does not include superannuation, salary packaging and employer rent subsidy. 

How much rent will I have to pay?

A schedule of rents is available from the Village Office or by contacting out Village managers who will provide the information you need. Please contact them on 1300 131 847 or email admino@fleetwood.com.au.