New Industries Fund: X-TEND WA Innovation Ecosystem Support

The X-TEND WA Program funds organisations that deliver innovator and/or investor educational programs that support the development of entrepreneurs and stimulate private investment in innovative projects in Western Australia.
Last updated: 22 August 2023

The X-TEND WA Program is a competitive grants program, funded under the New Industries Fund, which is designed to build capability and capacity within our innovation community.

In order to create new local jobs and industries, there is a recognised need for improved and expanded educational programs for entrepreneurs to support their innovation journey.

Additionally, there is also a need to expand the educational opportunities of investors and corporates to deliver better access to investment capital for entrepreneurs and innovative business owners in WA.

What we are looking for

JTSI is seeking applications which deliver initiatives that assist, support and grow the WA Innovation Ecosystem. This may take the form of educational forums, mentoring, ideation, incubator, accelerator, scale up and investor ready programs, co-working spaces, recurring events and innovation hubs. Initiatives will be delivered over 12 months.  JTSI will accept applications from entities, with a proven track record of success that can deliver activities in one or two of the following streams: 

1. Entrepreneurial education 

Programs which equip startup founders and entrepreneurs with the understanding and skills to successfully navigate the commercialisation process.  Examples include: business mentoring, ideation, incubators, accelerators, scale up and investor ready programs where there is a strong market need.  High valued programs which provide entrepreneurs, startups, innovation-drive enterprises or SME’s with high impact potential to build successful, sustainable and scalable businesses are strongly encouraged.

2. Investor Education 

Programs which educate and activate current and potential investors, through providing best practice tools to make more successful investment decisions for investing in local innovation ventures. By doing so this will encourage the availability of more private capital for emerging industries, improving overall outcomes for Western Australian enterprises.

3. Broader ecosystem support

Other (than above) programs, co-working spaces, entrepreneurs in residence, recurring events, incubators and innovation hubs that educate and build networks in regional Western Australia and/or promote a more diverse and inclusive innovation ecosystem.

A focus on diversity and inclusion is strongly encouraged in all applications.

Applications will be particularly welcomed for initiatives that aim to improve entrepreneurial and/or investor education for regional, female and indigenous entrepreneurs and innovators.

X-TEND WA is open to all investor markets and industry sectors that clearly demonstrates a strong market need. 

Proposed programs must be delivered in WA over 12 months and contribute towards the growth of the innovation community. Applications that strengthen innovation ecosystem collaboration and improve access to, or participation in, the WA innovation community are encouraged.

The New Industries Fund will co-contribute up to $100,000 per successful application.