Western Australia's innovation hubs

Innovation hubs bring a critical mass of people together, with access to expertise and facilities, making better use of talent and technology, and creating local jobs.
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Innovation lies at the heart of human progress and establishing ‘innovation hubs’ grows jobs and educational opportunities, unlocks local, national and international partnerships, fosters creativity, attracts investment and creates vibrant communities.

Innovators and entrepreneurs all over the world are starting businesses in collaborative spaces, close to state-of-the-art facilities, where they can mingle with like-minded people. 

By utilising existing infrastructure where leading anchor institutions and companies cluster and come together with startups, business incubators and accelerators, we leverage our existing assets in teaching, research and technology, and further diversify our economy.

It is well established that collaborative facilities, shared spaces and shared use of technologies are a more cost effective way to operate a SME.

The State-funded hubs foster structured collaborations between all tiers of government, universities, business, industry and the community to create new industries by linking students with mentors, startups with venture capital and SMEs with the private and public sector.

Innovation Hubs have the ability to grow jobs in specific areas and industries that are subject to disruptive forces, as exemplified by the State’s innovation hubs below.