South West

The South West is famous for its world-class wineries set against a stunning backdrop of green forests, sparkling rivers and beaches that offer some of the best surf breaks on the planet.
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Wills Domain, Margaret River
Image credit: Tourism Western Australia

Journey through spectacular ancient caves encrusted with crystal stalactites, giant extinct plant and animal fossils, and breathtaking rock formations.

Walk to the end of the world’s longest wooden pier – the Busselton Jetty – to the Underwater Observatory to view marine life 8-metres below the ocean’s surface, or marvel at the ever-changing colours of Sugarloaf Rock.

Adventure-seekers can hike or bike their way through scenic forests with waterfalls, lakes and rivers and climb the Gloucester Tree or the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree.

The region is all about fresh quality offerings and produces everything from cheese, chocolate and ice-cream to berries, preserves, nuts, oils, truffles, honey and juice – all of which contribute to a vibrant and decadent dining scene.

For more information, visit the South West Development Commission.