COVID-19 coronavirus: WA roadmap

Our roadmap to ease COVID-19 restrictions and what this means for community and business.

Last updated: 27 October 2020 at 11.04am

The WA roadmap has been developed with the National Cabinet principles and is based on the best health advice for WA.

See the COVID-19 WA roadmap in English or view versions in other languages.

The WA roadmap

Current Phase: Phase 4

Start date: 27 June 2020

Western Australia’s COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed even further, as WA’s roadmap is updated to complete the removal of all restrictions.

Due to the world-leading response to COVID in WA, Phase 4 started on Saturday, 27 June (11.59pm Friday, 26 June) and has resulted in: 

  • all existing gathering limits and the 100/300 rule removed
  • gathering limits only determined by WA’s reduced 2 square metre rule
  • the 2 square metre rule will only include staff at venues that hold more than 500 patrons
  • removal of seated service requirements at food businesses and licensed premises
  • no requirement to maintain patron register at food businesses and licensed premises
  • alcohol can be served as part of unseated service arrangements
  • major events permitted, subject to having an approved COVID Event Plan
  • unseated performances permitted at venues such as concert halls, live music venues, bars, pubs and nightclubs
  • gyms operating unstaffed, but regular cleaning must be maintained
  • the casino gaming floor reopening under agreed temporary restrictions.

For WA’s major sport and entertainment venues, a 50 per cent capacity rule applies. Therefore, under Phase 4, the temporary capacity of major stadiums is:

Optus Stadium
Sport: 30,633
Concerts: 35,000

HBF Park
Sport: 10,150
Concerts: 16,500

HBF Stadium
Sport: 2218
Concerts: 2945

RAC Arena
Sport: 7150
Concerts: 8250

Western Australians must continue to keep up physical distancing where possible and maintain good personal hygiene to better protect themselves and the general health of our community.

WA businesses will be expected to ensure their COVID Safety Plans are updated and continue to be implemented.

COVID Safety plans help mitigate the risk of COVID-19, are in line with health advice and provide extra confidence to patrons and staff entering the business premises.

For more information on Phase 4 easing of restrictions, please read our frequently asked questions.

Changes to Phase 4

Start date: 24 October 2020

Starting from Saturday, 24 October, the maximum capacity for a seated performance or seated entertainment that is ticketed and takes place in a seated entertainment space is 60 percent.

These changes affect certain venues with one or more seated entertainment spaces which contain fixed seating and were regularly used for seated performances or seated entertainment immediately before 15 March 2020 or immediately before 11.59pm on 23 October 2020.

This exemption does not apply to events that are required to develop a COVID Event Plan.

Eligible venues include:

  • theatres
  • concert halls
  • music auditoriums/amphitheatres
  • cinemas
  • comedy lounges
  • performing arts centres.

WA’s sport and entertainment venues (Optus Stadium, HBF Park, HBF Stadium and RAC Arena) will continue to operate at the capacity levels currently set by the Direction. 

For more information about changes to Phase 4, please read our Phase 4 exemption – Easing restrictions for seated performances- frequently asked questions.

Phase 1

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Start date: 27 April 2020
  • indoor and outdoor non-work gatherings of up to 10 people
  • outdoor personal training without shared equipment
  • recreational activities in compliance with travel restrictions and the 10-person rule, such as private picnics in the park, fishing, boating, hiking and camping
  • home opens and display villages open, in compliance with 10-person rule, appropriate record keeping and hygiene practices.

Phase 2

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Start date: 18 May 2020

Physical distancing, good hygiene and the 4 square metre rule apply to all activities.

  • indoor and outdoor non-work gatherings of up to 20 people
  • cafés and restaurants with meal service permitted to open, including within pubs, bars, clubs, hotels and casino, with a 20 patron limit
  • weddings and funerals up to 20 people inside or 30 outside
  • Western Australians encouraged to return to work, unless unwell or vulnerable
  • regional travel restrictions relaxed, with travel permitted throughout most of WA.
  • non-contact community sports up to 20 participants
  • outdoor or indoor fitness classes with no shared equipment, up to 20 participants
  • places of worship, community facilities and libraries permitted to reopen, up to 20 patrons.
  • public pools (1 indoor and multiple outdoor) permitted to open under strict rules and up to 20 patrons per pool.
  • businesses required to comply with conditions outlined in the COVID Safety Guidelines and prepare a COVID Safety Plan before they reopen.

Phase 3

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Start date: 6 June 2020

The number of people at non-work gatherings increased, and additional businesses reopened.

The 4 square metre rule was revised to 2 square metres per person for all WA venues.

Physical distancing, good hygiene and the 2 square metre rule applied to all activities permitted in Phase 3.

  • non-work gatherings permitted up to 100 people, 300 for venues with multiple spaces
  • 4 square metre rule removed, replaced with reduced 2 square metre rule
  • full contact sport and training permitted
  • seated service for food businesses and licensed premises
  • the following reopened with conditions:
    • galleries, cinemas and theatres
    • gyms and other fitness studios
    • beauty salons, spas and wellness centres
    • playgrounds and play centres
    • Rottnest Island, zoos and wildlife parks.

Businesses were required to comply with conditions outlined in the COVID Safety Guidelines and prepare a COVID Safety Plan before they reopened.

Phase 5

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The start date for Phase 5 is yet to be determined.

The start date for Phase 5 is yet to be determined.

Phase 6

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The start date for Phase 6 is yet to be determined.

Phase 6 will include the removal of WA’s hard border with the rest of the country and travel restrictions currently in place for remote Aboriginal communities.

The WA hard border will only be removed when the WA Chief Health Officer is confident the spread of infection is controlled in the eastern states.

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