Data Unit

The Data Unit drives data-driven decision-making and policy development in Western Australia.
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The Data Unit develops solutions to enable secure data sharing and better decision-making within the Western Australian Government.

This includes PeopleWA, a de-identified, whole-of-government linked data asset bringing together datasets from the Western Australia Police Force and the Departments of Health, Justice (including the Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages), Communities, and Education. PeopleWA offers a powerful tool and streamlined process for approved users to address the most complex social, health, environmental and economic issues facing the state.

Furthermore, the Data Unit develops legislation to reform personal privacy protections and accountability of information sharing within the government. PRIS aims to empower Western Australians by providing them more control over their personal privacy, improve government service delivery, and create local research and development opportunities.

The Data Unit also established and champions an innovative Interagency Data Science Graduate Program to uplift sector data capacity.