Spatial data provision

Find out how to access spatial data produced by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.
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We are making more spatial data discoverable by enabling access through the Shared Location Information Platform and public-facing DataWA data portal.  

For published datasets not yet available, or required in a differing delivery format to that accessible via DataWA, you are welcome to contact us.

Examples of frequently updated datasets include:


  • Floodplain mapping
  • Public drinking water source areas
  • Seagrass mapping
  • Groundwater and surface water resources
  • Water instrument licences and water measurement sites
  • Groundwater dependant ecosystems
  • Depth to groundwater and water table elevation.   

Environment and regulation

  • Contaminated sites
  • Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) referred significant proposal
  • EPA referred schemes
  • Environmental Protection Act 1986 policy boundaries
  • Native vegetation clearing permits
  • Offsets register.

For additional spatial data queries or requests, including Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data, please email