Interactive water science maps

You can discover, interrogate and request information on Western Australia's water resources using our interactive mapping tools.
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The data and geospatial datasets are some of our department's most critical assets.

They are used to inform and evidence our regulatory, compliance and enforcement functions, as well as to enable vital science and planning capabilities that lead strategic policy development about future water and environmental resource protection outcomes.

Below are links to a set of interactive mapping tools, specific to the Water Science directorate, managed by our department.  

Within the maps you’ll be able to discover, interrogate, and in some instances request information on Western Australia's water resources including floodplain mapping and flood risk, depth to groundwater, garden bore suitability, water availability and water licensing.


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Our interactive mapping tools

Water information reporting - you can discover and request WA water monitoring program information including borehole, water quality, water levels and flows, and rainfall.

Perth groundwater map - this map is designed to help you identify water-table information for the Perth metropolitan area. It is particularly useful for water-bore drillers, irrigators, and private householders establish groundwater bores in the watertable (i.e. superficial) aquifer.

Water Register - you can search, discover and print information about live data water availability and water licensing.

Proclaimed areas maps - you can view the current Rights in Water and Irrigation Act 1914 proclaimed area maps. It is illegal to take water from a watercourse or groundwater aquifer without an exemption in a proclaimed area under the Rights in Water and Irrigation Act 1914.

Floodplain mapping tool - view floodplain maps and levels and learn more about flood risk in Western Australia.

Public drinking water source area mapping tool - this tool enables you to view public drinking water source areas in Western Australia.

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