Report a scam

Scams, ripoffs and frauds are becoming more and more commonplace. Send us scams or suspect items so we can combat this ever increasing problem.
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If you think you have been scammed you should report the scam to a government agency so you can find out about your rights and options.

WA ScamNet profiles the most prevalent scams targeting Western Australians and provides information on different types of scams, how to recognise scams, and what to do if you have received a scam.

Different agencies deal with different scams. Here is a list of  where to report different scams.

You can contact the WA ScamNet team using any of the following methods:

  • phone – call the Consumer Protection Advice Line on 1300 30 40 54 (cost of a local call anywhere in WA)
  • mail – no stamp is required if you post any letter scams you receive direct to WA ScamNet - Consumer Protection Reply Paid 64772 Locked Bag 14 Cloisters Square WA 6850