Apply for the thermoregulatory dysfunction energy subsidy

Offset the energy costs associated with temperature control at the home of eligible people or their dependents with a thermoregulatory dysfunction.

The thermoregulatory dysfunction energy subsidy is intended for people who hold means tested concession cards, (or the dependents of people who hold means tested concession cards) and who require heating and/or cooling to control the temperature in their homes under medical advice.


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To qualify for a subsidy, the patient must satisfy at least two of the following three criteria and be certified by a doctor who has been treating them for at least three months.

  1. A medical condition with an evidence-based association with the deterioration of this condition in temperature extremes. For example, severe cases of spinal cord injury, stroke, brain injury, neurodegenerative disorders, multiple sclerosis and familial disautonomia (a genetic disorder affecting individuals’ automatic (involuntary) bodily responses, including sweating).
  2. Loss of skin integrity or loss of sweating capacity. For example, significant burns of greater than 20 percent of body surface area, severe inflammatory skin conditions and some rare forms of disordered sweating.
  3. Objective reduction of autonomic regulation and physiological functioning at extremes of environmental temperatures (excessive sweating, heart rate increases or changes in blood pressure) resulting in dehydration, dizziness or fainting.

How to apply

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Use this form to apply for the subsidy if you are

  • a patient, who requires heating and/or cooling for their own use or
  • a guardian or primary caregiver of a person who uses the energy for heating and/or cooling in their home.

The applicant must hold one of the following concession cards

  • Pensioner Concession Card (issued by either Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs)
  • Health Care Card
  • Health Care Interim Voucher.
Page reviewed 4 December 2019
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