Ceasing registration

A Registered Training Organisation (RTO) may cease in the following situations.
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Registration of an RTO may cease if:

  • the period of registration expires

If an RTO's registration ceases, it will no longer be able to promote itself as being an RTO and must ensure all student records have been submitted via CQR or AVETMISS.​​ 

Period of Registration Expires

If an RTO does not renew its registration before its registration period expires, its RTO status will cease. The RTO must ensure that it has met its reporting requirements or seek alternative arrangements with TAC.

Ceasing Operations

An RTO can apply to TAC to relinquish its registration by completing a request to cancel registration form. TAC requires RTOs who cease operations to ensure that all continuing students are catered for and are not disadvantaged. The RTO must ensure that it has met its reporting requirements or seek alternative arrangements with TAC.

Form: Request to cancel registration

Suspension of Cancellation of Registration

TAC acknowledges that RTOs make a significant commitment to first establishing and then maintaining their RTO.

However, from time to time, RTOs are identified as presenting a risk to the VET sector due to their failure to comply with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 or to meet other criteria required for registration.

TAC's Policy and Procedure for the Application of Sanctions outlines the grounds on:

  • ​​which sanctions can be applied to RTOs

  • the types of sanctions the VET Act makes available

  • the procedure for the application of sanctions.

Change of Ownership

Registration cannot be transferred, sold or otherwise assigned to another individual or legal entity organisation. Registration is 'personal' to the legal entity that obtains it. It is not a transferable commodity or asset. A business may be bought or sold, but not the registration.

For information about changing the legal entity, please refer to TAC's Policy on Change of Legal Entity of an RTO. 

If the new legal entity wishes to be registered with TAC, the newly appointed legally responsible person must apply to TAC for registration by completing the change of legal entity application form located on the RTOPortal.​​​ 

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