About the Awards

Find out about the awards, who's eligible to enter, the judging process and prizes.
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Wongan Hills TIdy Towns Group meets regularly to work on projects around their town, including weeding, planding and litter removal.

What is Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities Awards about?

Each year, entry into the awards is open to all regional and remote communities, no matter how big or how small. There are nine categories and an overall state award.

It's about people getting together to provide a place where visitors are delighted to come, and locals want to stay, and it’s about reducing litter, water and energy consumption, celebrating culture and heritage and protecting Western Australia’s precious natural environment.

While our State award categories celebrate grassroot efforts in environmental protection and community wellbeing, Keep Australia Beautiful recognises the importance of highlighting how local programs contribute globally to looking after each other and our environment.

The National Tidy Towns Sustainability Awards, where each State Winner is represented, aligns to a particular United Nations Sustainability Development Goal.

Who can enter their community into the awards?

Individuals, clubs, schools, business, the local shire or community groups can enter a project or projects for their community.

Read about the different award categories and judging criteria.

Almost any community project can be considered as a Tidy Towns project - work on what is important for your community. 

Community groups already working on many projects can be regonised through Tidy Towns, such as:

  • cultural activities such as festivals or murals
  • eco-tourism and cultural tourism projects
  • planting native trees and gardens
  • eradicating weeds
  • fauna and flora recovery
  • ​providing Environmental Education programs in schools
  • partnerships between community and government to address local issues
  • mentoring youth leaders 
  • recycling programs
  • reducing water and energy use
  • rehabilitating native bushland
  • restoring historic sites
  • providing facilities such as seats, bins, shelters, BBQs
  • community litter clean ups
  • recording oral histories
  • propagating local native seed.

Read about previous Award winners.  

What support is provided to participants?

Keep Australia Beautiful staff are able to assist entrants with information and advice throughout the year. Contact tidytowns@kabc.wa.gov.au or phone us on 6364 6643.

Assistance is provided to attend the State Awards event, design bin stickers and provide resources for clean ups.

What is the prize money?

The overall State Award winner receives $2,000. Category winners receive $500 - $1,000. There are additional sponsor category prizes including printing prizes from Natsales and Vanguard Media and customised bins from Natsales.

Judging process

All communities are visited by judges in September and reports are written from project submissions and from the judging visits. 

A state panel of judges meets to recommend finalists to the Keep Australia Beautiful Council and winners are announced at a ceremony in November.  Read about the judges.