Unsecured Load Unsafe Road

What we can do to help reduce litter from unsecured loads.
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Unsecured loads can cause unsightly roadside litter. Additionally, rubbish falling off trucks, trailers and utes can create dangerous projectiles and are a risk to motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

This type of littering causes road closures,  disruptions, costs thousands of dollars in damages to vehicles and property and is a major contributor to serious crashes. View video footage of Main Roads clearing dangerous debris from our freeways.

Under the Litter Act 1979, littering of sand, soil and debris, which comes off a vehicle because it is not properly secured is illegal and can lead to a $200 on the spot fine.

Littered roadsides

Litter from unsecured loads is avoidable if drivers take care when transporting items on trailers or utes to follow some simple procedures to secure loads effectively.

Make your load safe in your ute or trailer

  • Cover garden refuse – a trailer net or tarpauline are ideal for this purpose
  • Restrain furniture and white goods - use high quality straps and ensure they are tightly fastened 
  • Use webbing or straps to restrain cardboard boxes
  • Don’t carry loose tools in the back – use a restrained toolbox
  • Larger tools (e.g. garden tools like shovels) should be restrained by ropes, straps or a trailer net if they are not adequately contained by the body 


To read more, download the fact sheet