Clean Schools program - Curriculum support materials and activities

We have developed a range of free teacher resources for the Clean Schools program.
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A variety of curriculum resources have been developed to introduce the topic of litter into their classrooms in a fun and interactive way and :

  • Create an awareness of the effects of litter
  • Stimulate discussion with students about developing anti-litter strategies.
  • Provide lesson plans and worksheets which are all linked to the Australian Curriculum.

The resources below examine issues such as: social impact, hazards of litter, stormwater and marine litter, the problem with landfill, laws relating to litter, packaging, the 3 Rs and littering behaviour.

Ready. Set. Clean up!

This resource is for when you want your students to get active around the litter issue. Before you head out of the classroom for a litter clean up, have a look at the Ready. Set. Clean up! presentation with your students. This powerpoint helps you and your students answer the questions:

  • What is litter?
  • Why is litter a problem?
  • Why should I worry about litter?
  • What can I do?

There are some notes within the presentation to guide your discussion. Feel free to modify the slides to suit your students’ needs.

You might even like take some before and after photos and send these to for inclusion in the next newsletter.

Find out more about conducting safe clean up activities.

Download the presentation.

Learning About Litter

'Learning About Litter' is a teacher's guide containing a series of fun, interactive lessons linked to the Australian Curriculum. Students learn about the effects of litter and its impact on the environment then take on the challenge to make their school litter-free!

The teacher's guide contains ten classroom activities with background information and website links for students and teachers. Extras include a litter quiz, a word search, a game, 'The Litterbug Song' and a recommended reading list. The resource is available on CD ROM. 

The Protector DVD

To accompany the ‘Learning about Litter’ resource, this DVD , features a short film and a documentary. Both the film and documentary have been linked to the Australian Curriculum.

'The Protector' story is an episode in a boy’s life. Johno tries to protect his friend from the school bully and discovers that the environment needs protecting too.

‘Landfill and You’ shows the procedures at a waste management facility. Waste is sorted and the landfill managed carefully to reduce the impact on our environment.

Keeping Our Waterways Litter-free Activity Booklet

Western Australians love to spend time at our beautiful beaches, rivers and lakes. To assist in teaching your students about the harmful effects of litter in our waterways, KAB has developed a games and activity booklet to raise awareness of litter issues and help provide solutions to these problems.

It is up to us to make sure that litter is disposed of correctly in the first place. Not only will it help keep marine creatures safe, but it also makes our beaches and rivers much nicer places to be.

Tangaroa Blue Marine Debris Education Kit

The Tangaroa Blue Foundation has developed their online Education Kit which contains lessons about Marine Debris. Easy to use for educators it is aligned with Australia's National Curriculum. Hands-on experiences provide links to the real world beyond the classroom with real data and analysis becoming part of the Australian Marine Debris Initiative. 

All the lessons are downloadable from the Tangaroa Blue Foundation website with lesson plans, presentations and worksheets.

More games and activities

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