Apply for a commercial operations licence for conservation land

A commercial operations licence is required for any commercial business activities that are conducted on land under the Conservation and Land Management Regulations 2002.
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An ever-increasing number of visitors to Western Australia experience the natural environment using the services of commercial tourism and recreation operators.

These operators are businesses that deliver tourist recreational or educational services for private benefit (profit) while on conservation or forest estate.

Legislation governing the management of this land requires commercial businesses to gain the consent of the land manager, being the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, for access and use, to abide by specified conditions, and to pay fees and charges towards the maintenance of licensing systems and management.

The department gives this formal approval through the issuing of commercial operations licences granted under Part 7 of the Conservation and Land Management Regulations 2002.

By issuing of licenses, not only does the department allow lawful access for appropriate commercial use of the land, but it can monitor access, use and environmental impact of commercial businesses to ensure natural and cultural values are protected.

Through park entry fees and licence charges, commercial operators contribute to the management and protection of the land so everyone can revisit them in an unspoiled condition and ensure that the conservation values of these areas are maintained in perpetuity.