Keep Australia Beautiful Council - Volunteer registration form

Volunteering with us is a great way to participate in your community, meet new people, use your skills or learn new ones, try new challenges and connect with like-minded others.
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All Keep Australia Beautiful WA volunteers are eligible to be covered by insurance during volunteer activities. By filling out and submitting the below information, the participant agrees that:

  • They are covered under Keep Australia Beautiful Council's personal accident and public liability insurance policy for volunteers only during the date and time that they are signed on for the activity.
  • Keep Australia Beautiful Council will not be liable for: any acts or omissions, negligence or fault of any person participating in the activity; any loss or damage to property owned by, or in the possession of the participant.
  • The participant is only covered by KABC WA insurance if all details on this form are true and correct.

Please note: Parents/Guardians must accompany and sign this form on behalf of any children under 16 years of age.

In addition to the below, you will also need to complete the sign in/out registration form at the event.