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We are pleased to be supported by many individuals and organisations.
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Our patrons

His Excellency The Honourable Chris Dawson AC APM, Governor of Western Australia and Mrs Darrilyn Dawson

Our sponsors

Waste Authority

Keep Australia Beautiful WA's major strategic partner

The Waste Authority is a statutory body of the State Government of WA, and provides independent policy advice to the Government on all waste management issues. It was formed under the provisions of the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Act 2007.

The Authority’s main task is developing a comprehensive statewide waste strategy and coordinating its implementation. The waste strategy will set clear targets for waste reduction and resource recovery, as well as laying out a plan for continuous improvement to achieve those targets.

The Authority consults widely with industry, the community and local government as well as associations, other State Government agencies and the federal government.

Visit the Waste Authority website.

Main Roads WA

Sponsor of Keep Australia Beautiful Outback Packs

Main Roads WA is responsible for Western Australia’s highways and main roads which represent almost 30% of the state’s total assets. They are one of the largest geographically spread road agencies in the world, covering 2.5 million square kilometres.

As the States road network manager, they are responsible for almost 18,000 km of Western Australia’s 150,000 km road network. This represents some 12% of the network which carries around 60% of the road traffic.

Their services are delivered through the dedicated efforts and support of employees located in ten regional offices throughout the state.

They are committed to achieving the State Government’s vision to provide the best opportunities for current and future generations.

Visit the Main Roads WA website.

Container for Change

Sponsor of Keep Australia Beautiful programs

Containers for Change (C4C) share a strong alignment of desired outcomes to increase resource recovery and social and community engagement and reduce the environmental impact of beverage container litter.

Containers for Change support a range of KABC activities, including regional litter collection and recovery, and education and community awareness, which would assist C4C to reach its 85% recovery target for eligible containers.  

Containers for Change and KABC focuses on recovering those containers that are littered as well as on interventions to reduce future beverage container litter. 

Our partners

Mentally Healthy WA: Act, Belong, Commit

Act, Belong, Commit is a community-based health promotion campaign that encourages people to take action to improve their mental health and wellbeing. As the brand name suggests, people can build positive mental health by keeping physically, mentally and socially active (Act); by keeping involved in family and community activities and participating in community events (Belong); and by taking on challenges or causes that provide meaning and purpose in their lives.

Visit the Act, Belong, Commit website.

Local Government Partners on the Adopt-a-Spot Program

Thank you to the local governments that support and promote the Adopt-a-Spot Program:

River Guardians

The Swan River Trust’s River Guardians program provides free events and activities for the Perth community to better understand the Swan Canning Riverpark , their  science, cultural heritage and  learn  how everyone can help look after them.

Visit the River Guardians website.

Native Animal Rescue

Is a not-for-profit organisation  dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of sick, injured, orphaned and displaced native animals.

NAR, through the River Connection  Program, promotes the KAB  Clean Marine campaign. NAR volunteers help manage fishing litter and educate river users about keeping the river clean and protecting wildlife.

Visit the Native Animal Rescue website.

Tangaroa Blue Foundation

The Tangaroa Blue Foundation coordinates the Australian Marine Debris Initiative, which involves removal of marine debris, data collection, tracking to the source and working with stakeholders to find solutions to mitigate marine debris. The project engages 12,300 volunteers around the country and has removed from the coastline and collected data on over 1.3 million bits of marine debris.

Visit the Tangaroa Blue Foundation website.