Assessment Validation webinar

This webinar provides practical information on how to develop and implement a comprehensive plan for ongoing and systematic validation of assessment for training products on an RTO’s scope.
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The Training and Accreditation Council (TAC) records its education program webinars that Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) can access to support compliance practices. The TAC Webinar Recordings and Resources webpage offers a comprehensive list of webinars currently available.

This webinar provides registered training organisations (RTO) with practical and specific information on:

  • RTO Standards and assessment validation;
  • who should be involved in assessment validation;
  • what is a statistically valid sample;
  • the process for gathering evidence and making judgments;
  • documenting assessment validation outcomes;
  • pre-use, in-use, and post-use assessment validation; and
  • what might assessment validation lead to?

Presenter: Claire Werner (Delivered 10 June 24)

Session length: 1 hour 15 minutes

Webinar handout: Participant Handouts