Jury duty in Western Australia

The jury system is an integral part of the judicial system and is coordinated by the Sheriff's Office in the Perth metropolitan area and the regions.
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A jury is a group of 12 to 18 people randomly selected to decide whether an accused person in a criminal trial is either guilty or not guilty.

Jury service is a legal responsibility and requires the cooperation of employers, employees, the State Government, and the community to ensure this vital part of the justice system functions properly within our society.

The Juries Act 1957 governs how juries must be administered in our state.

Jury WA Portal

Login to Jury WA portal with your unique summons number and date of birth.

Jurors - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and general information about jury duty.

Employers - Frequently Asked Questions

Jury duty requires the cooperation of employers, employees, the Government and the community.

Deferring Jury Duty

Provides flexibility to postpone jury duty once for up to 6 months.

Excusals and Eligibility

There are limited excusals and some people may be not eligible or not qualified.

Jury Payments and Claims

Juror and Employer payments must be finalised within 3 months of completing jury service.

Offences and Penalties

It is an offence to disobey a jury summons. There are also offences for employers that act prejudicially.

A Fair Trial - Jury Duty in Western Australia

This video is Intended to help Western Australians understand what is involved in jury duty.

Court location

Information about parking, location, contact details and facilities available at the various WA courthouses can be found in the map below.