Drainage for Liveability

Finding ways to work collaboratively and better use green spaces around drains and drainage infrastructure.
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Drainage for Liveability has been designed to enhance the value to the community of stormwater drains and basins across WA. It is a collaboration between Water Corporation and Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.

Drainage infrastructure serves a functional purpose, but it also has the potential to contribute to the liveability of our local communities.

Working with interested community groups, local authorities, and the development industry, we are aiming to improve drainage and water management, and increase the value of these open spaces in our urban environment.

Water Sensitive Cities

Water Sensitive Cities look to integrate water systems planning with land use planning. The aim is to show how water can make our communities more sustainable, productive, resilient, and liveable.

Drainage for Liveability is part of our support for the transition of Perth and regional centres across WA towards the vision for the Water Sensitive City.

A joint approach

As part of our aligned approach to drainage, key areas have been identified and we are committed to the development of joint guidelines to support improved outcomes from drainage infrastructure.

Both organisations seek to:

  • promote a shared vision of improved management for water and drainage in the landscape to enhance liveability of our cities and towns
  • provide joint positions and recommendations as part of the water portfolio in advice to stakeholders
  • develop agreed recommendations for technical and policy related aspects of drainage management
  • promote contemporary water resource best management practices, considering stormwater as a valuable resource.

How to get involved

Local councils are encouraged to come forward with innovative ideas on how to take advantage of the infrastructure surrounding Water Corporation stormwater drains.

If you have a great idea, you can submit it here.

Submit your idea

Drainage for Liveability guidance notes

The Drainage for Liveability guidance note series have been developed in collaboration with the Water Corporation. The series provides an integrated approach to drainage management focusing on opportunities to maximise community and environmental benefits.

Each note focuses on certain principles for consideration and provides recommendations to inform a collaborative approach. The intention is to promote meaningful interaction between organisations and their representatives undertaking drainage design and management through a considered, collaborative, and consistent approach.

Other infrastructure managers are encouraged to adopt the approaches outlined where applicable.