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Growing waterwise communities in Boorloo (Perth) and Bindjareb (Peel) to address climate change
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Kep Katitjin – Gabi Kaadadjan – Waterwise Perth Action Plan 2 builds on the excellent foundation established through the award-winning first Waterwise Perth Action Plan, and outlines the next steps towards establishing world-leading waterwise communities for Boorloo (Perth) and Bindjareb (Peel) by 2030.

The new, two-year plan further supports the State Government’s ongoing commitment to tackling the impacts of climate change on our precious water resources, through water-saving initiatives and the creation of climate-resilient, liveable urban spaces.

Kep Katitjin and Gabi Kaadadjan are the Whadjuk and Bindjareb Noongar terms for ‘water knowledge’.

The Whadjuk and Bindjareb Noongar people are the Traditional Owners of Boorloo and Bindjareb and have been the custodians of the environment and water resources for tens of thousands of years. The management of our water with shared knowledge and wisdom is at the heart of this plan. It has been given a Noongar name by Noongar people to honour and respect the knowledge and understanding that Traditional Owners provide in waterwise management, conservation and spiritual practices that have kept the Country and the people healthy and in balance. We thank them for that naming.

Hotter and drier days coupled with a growing population have made Western Australia look to the necessity of a waterwise future, to ensure Boorloo and Bindjareb remain liveable.

Data from the Bureau of Meteorology shows that WA’s summer 2021–22 had a mean maximum temperature 1.63 °C above the 1961–1990 average, with rainfall 20–40 per cent below average near the west coast and in the state’s south. This data shows that we need to look at innovative ways to manage our water resources while also building resilience.

To support climate resilience and to protect our water resources, it is critical that we take the steps to transition Boorloo and Bindjareb to waterwise communities. The 41 actions in this plan will help us to conserve our water resources and, at the same time, support urban greening, biodiversity, the tree canopy and urban cooling to create climate-resilient communities.

This plan will add an estimated 500 million litres of water savings to the 800 million litres of water saved and planting of 6,350 trees since the award-winning first Waterwise Perth Action Plan started in October 2019.

Holistic approach

Kep Katitjin – Gabi Kaadadjan is delivered by working across State Government, and in collaboration with Traditional Owners, industry, research, community, and local government.

The plan is co-designed with Danjoo Koorliny leaders and Bindjareb Elders on initiatives to heal the waterways and to develop an approach to delivering enduring waterwise outcomes on Whadjuk and Bindjareb Country.

This plan is delivered through the collaborative efforts of 11 agencies – the departments of Water and Environmental Regulation; Communities; Finance; Planning, Lands and Heritage; Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries; Water Corporation; DevelopmentWA; METRONET. We also welcome new partners, the departments of Education; Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions; and Primary Industries and Regional Development.

This infographic outlines some of the positive waterwise outcomes and targets these agencies are working to deliver over the next two years.

 Kep Katitjin– Gabi Kaadadjan – Waterwise Perth action plan 2 infographic

Water story

Kep Katitjin – Gabi Kaadadjan – Waterwise Perth Action Plan 2 artwork was designed by artist Darryl Bellotti. Darryl also shared what this plan means to him:

“Without water we cannot survive. We, as Indigenous and non-indigenous people alike, now have a shared responsibility of carrying out that obligation for the survival of culture, the people, and all living things.”

Below you can listen to Darryl’s story behind the artwork for Kep Katitjin – Gabi Kaadadjan – Waterwise Perth Action Plan 2


Link to artist Darryl Bellotti's audio

Cover of Kep Katitijin – Gabi Kaadadjan – Waterwise Perth Action Plan 2

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