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Find out how you can collect an impounded vehicle.
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Police will immediately impound a vehicle if you drive a vehicle without a valid driver’s licence for certain unauthorised driving offences, including:

  • driving contrary to a Disqualification Notice
  • driving recklessly, commonly referred to as a hoon type offence (e.g., speeding 45km/h over the limit).

You may be issued with a surrender notice if it is impractical to impound a vehicle immediately.

Collecting an impounded vehicle

At the completion of the impound period:

Complete the vehicle release form (PDF, 251KB)

In some circumstances you may be able to collect your vehicle before the scheduled release date - complete the form relevant to your circumstance:

If an impounded vehicle is confiscated or left uncollected, it may be disposed of 21 days after the expiration of the impoundment period.

If you do not wish to have the vehicle returned you can complete the disposal of vehicles form (80JA) application (PDF, 390KB) to have it disposed of. You will still be liable for all towage and storage costs.


Complete the release of property application (PDF, 295 KB) if you are the owner of the vehicle and wish for WA Police Force to release property from an impounded vehicle.

Payment, refund and compensation


The owner of the vehicle is responsible for paying all towage and storage costs even if they were not the driver.

Full payment is required on the day the vehicle is collected unless you have an approved payment plan (PDF, 347 KB).

If you were not the driver you can:

  • authorise another person to collect the vehicle on your behalf, who must pay all costs associated with the impounded vehicle
  • pay to collect the vehicle and recover the costs from the driver through civil proceedings at a later date.


The person responsible for paying the towage and storage costs of the impounded vehicle may be entitled to a refund if the person is acquitted of the impounding offence (and no other person is convicted for the offence), the charge is withdrawn, amended, dismissed or no charge is laid.

Complete the refund form (PDF, 280 KB) and email to
Any attached emails and scans must be titled with the claimants’ name and the VI number. Refunds may take up to eight weeks for the funds to be available.


Complete the compensation for disposed vehicles & items (80S) application (PDF, 332KB) if your vehicle or items were disposed of before a court outcome and you have since been acquitted or not charged with committing the offence.

Impound period

You will be notified by police of the length of time your car will be impounded for your offence(s) or if there have been any changes.

First and second offences (roadside impoundment)


1st offence

2nd or subsequent offence

Driver's licence convictions28 days28 days
Reckless driving charges28 days3 months

Court ordered impoundment or confiscation

Upon conviction for a third or subsequent offence, as well as the normal penalties for the offence, a Court may also order:

1st conviction

2nd or subsequent conviction

3rd or subsequent conviction


Impounding Offence
N/AN/AConfiscation order must be granted
unless hardship applies to a person
other than the driver or alternatively
6 months impoundment
Impounding Offence
(driver’s licence)
N/A3 months impoundment6 months impoundment or confiscation
order may apply
Road rage6 months impoundment
or confiscation order may apply
6 months impoundment
or confiscation order may apply
6 months impoundment or confiscation
may apply

Contact Vehicle Impound Unit

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Office hours:7am to 3pm
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Closed public holidays and weekends
General enquiries:9373 2440
Property and vehicle release:6319 4530
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Disposals and uncollected vehicles:6319 4533
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