Report family violence

Family violence is behaviour which results in physical, sexual and/or psychological damage, forced social isolation, economic deprivation, or behaviour which causes the victim(s) to live in fear.
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Family violence can be experienced by women and men of all classes, religions, ethnicity, ages, abilities and sexual preference.

If you experience, see or hear family violence occurring contact:

  • 000 immediately if your life is in danger
  • police on 131 444 or in person at your local police station if you need to report a breach of a Family Violence Order or require police attendance
  • Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 to report information.

Police Orders

Where there is insufficient evidence to arrest and charge a person for family violence, but police hold concerns for the safety and welfare of any person, police may issue a Police Order.

Police may issue a Police Order without the requirement to obtain consent from any person for up to a period of 72 hours, as deemed necessary having considered all the circumstances.

A Police Order provides temporary but instant protection for a person who is being threatened, harassed or intimidated. It provides temporary relief to allow the opportunity for a person to attend court to obtain a Restraining Order.

It is a criminal offence to breach a Police Order and if a breach occurs the accused person will be arrested and charged, and faces a similar penalty to that of breaching a Restraining Order.

Restraining Orders

If you or your property is threatened, harassed or intimidated and you are concerned that it will continue, then you can apply to have a Restraining Order taken out against the person concerned.

A Restraining Order is an order of the court preventing the perpetrator from behaving in a manner that is intimidating or offensive.

A Restraining Order prevents the person from coming near you or your property and it is a criminal offence to disobey the conditions.