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If you are involved in a traffic accident you must:

  1. Stop at the scene of the crash.
  2. Assist anyone who is injured. Call 000 if there is danger or serious injury or 131 444 if you require police assistance.
  3. Move your vehicle off the road if police are not attending. Contact a tow truck if you need one.
  4. Exchange your name and address with the involved party in the crash unless you have been injured and unable to do so.
  5. Report the crash to police on the online crash reporting facility. This involves any crash involving injury, property damage (in excess of $3000) and/or if the owner or representative of any damaged property is not available.

Not all crashes are investigated or attended to by police. Investigations can include crashes that involve injury, adverse drivers licences, serious driving offences, stolen vehicles, hit and run incidents and careless driving on ‘P’ plates.

Investigations can take several months depending on the circumstances of the incident.

Report a crash

General enquiries

Submit a traffic crash general enquiry form for any questions that do not relate to reporting a new crash.