Change your personal details

How to change your personal name, gender or business name with the Department of Transport.
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To change your personal name, fill in the form and provide originals of any documents relating to your name change such as:

  • divorce papers
  • a marriage certificate
  • change of name certificate
  • birth certificate showing the old and new name.

If you are changing a business name, you need to provide a certificate of registration on change of name.

When changing gender, you need to provide one of the following:

  • A statement from a registered medical practitioner or psychologist certifying you have been their client.
  • An amended birth certificate or valid passport with your preferred gender.
  • A recognition certificate showing the Gender Reassignment Board has accepted your change in sex.

In all cases, you need to attend a Driver and Vehicle Services Centre or regional agent with the completed form and supporting documents including proof of identity.

There is no cost to change your details but a fee applies if you request a replacement driver’s licence, vehicle licence or photo card.