Peel region scheme policies, maps and scheme text

Legislation, policies and maps relating to the PRS.
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Scheme text and maps

The Peel Region Scheme (PRS) uses a set of maps and a scheme text. The scheme text provides planning rules for zones and reservations, which are shown on the maps in their respective colours and patterns.

Peel Region scheme text

PRS maps

Priority agricultural and rural land use policy

In late-2015, the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) invited public comment in regard to the proposed Peel Region Scheme: Priority Agricultural and Rural Land Use Policy.

After considering the submissions received, the WAPC has endorsed the policy, subject to modifications.

The newly-adopted policy supersedes the policy adopted by the WAPC in 2002.  The new policy identifies priority agricultural land areas that differ from those shown in the preceding policy, reflecting more-recent local strategic planning.  It also incorporates an improved mechanism to address nutrient management associated with agricultural land use in the Peel-Harvey catchment. 

The policy now requires specified types of development on land within, or in close proximity to priority agricultural land to have WAPC approval.  This is effected through an amendment of the current WAPC resolution under clause 21 of the Peel Region Scheme.  The authority to determine these applications is delegated to local government, provided the local government determination is consistent with the advice and/or recommendations of the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

Boating facility policy

In November 2011, the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) sought public comment in respect of the proposed Peel Region Scheme: Boating Facilities Policy.

After considering the submissions, the WAPC has endorsed the policy, subject to modifications.

The endorsed policy takes into consideration the landscape and environmental values of the Peel region’s waterways and their foreshores and the use of these areas.  It also provides a clear framework for the merit-based assessment of proposed boating facilities, having regard for a range of general provisions and precinct-specific criteria.