State planning policies

State planning policies provide the highest level of planning policy control and guidance in Western Australia. Prepared under Part 3 of the Planning and Development Act 2005.
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State Planning Policy 1 State Planning Framework Policy (SPP 1) brings together existing State and regional policies, strategies, plans and guidelines within a central State Planning Framework. It sets the context for decision-making on land use and development in Western Australia.

SPP 1 provides a comprehensive list of all WA Planning Commission (WAPC) policies and outlines how they relate to each other to guide integrated decision-making across all levels of planning. It does not introduce new policies.

SPP 1 was first gazetted on 22 December 1998.  The current version (Variation 3) was  gazetted in November 2017.

State Planning Policies

2. Environment and natural resources

3. Urban growth and settlement

4. Economy and employment

5. Transport and infrastructure

6. Regional planning and development

7. Design of the Built Environment

Whole of government policies