State Planning Policy 2.5 - Rural planning

State Planning Policy 2.5: rural planning (SPP 2.5) is the basis for planning and decision-making for rural and rural living land across Western Australia.
Last updated:

This version of SPP 2.5 has introduced policy direction for animal premises such as poultry farms, abattoirs and piggeries. SPP 2.5 also revokes State Planning Policy 4.3: Poultry Farm Policy. State Planning Policy 2.4: Planning for Basic Raw Materials (2021) supersedes SPP 2.4 Basic Raw Materials (2000) and the provisions relating to basic raw materials outside the Perth and Peel regions within State Planning Policy 2.5 – rural planning. 

Other changes to SPP 2.5 include:

  • introduction of a new section (clause 5.8) providing policy guidance for horticulture (intensive agriculture) land uses which carries over the policy intent of Planning Bulletin 63 (which has been revoked)
  • introduction of a new section (clause 5.12.5) providing policy guidance for managing areas where land uses are transitioning from rural to urban land uses
  • expansion of the implementation section (clause 6.4) to introduce policy guidance for zoning proposals affecting rural land to ensure SPP 2.5 is given due regard when proposals are considered by planning decision makers
  • establishment of a policy position that gives the WAPC discretion to consider an ‘off the grid’ solution for power supply in rural living estates (clause 5.3 (vii)), and for the electricity supply for rural subdividers for both rural and rural living subdivisions to be commensurate with the intended land use (cl 6.5 (a)-(c)).

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