Supplying works-related services

Information for contractors and consultants on Department of Finance building project tenders (maintenance, construction, design and investigation).

Please also see Vaccine requirements for Department of Finance contractors, consultants and suppliers.

The Department of Finance works with many government departments in the planning, delivery and management of government's non-residential building projects. This includes hospitals, courthouses, police stations, prisons, schools and more. If you are interested in working with us, you need to be aware of: 

  • our policies and requirements
  • how we issue and evaluate tenders

This page is for businesses that wish to supply works-related services to government undertaken by the Department of Finance. Information is also available for subcontractors on government projects and other guides are available for suppliers of community services and general goods and services.

The information in this guide does not apply to office lease procurement. Please refer to the Government office accommodation page for information on this topic.

Please note, some government agencies manage their own works-related projects and follow their own policies and process. For more information, see  Supplying to Government - Supplying works or what are agencies buying.

Use the guide’s navigation to move through the steps in the process, using the links displayed down the right hand side of the page. The guide is divided into ten sections:

  1. Finding work on Department of Finance non-residential building projects
  2. Policies for government non-residential building projects
  3. Qualify to build or consult on non-residential building projects
  4. Contractors and low value maintenance work
  5. The tender process in non-residential building projects
  6. Contractors and asbestos in government buildings
  7. Project bank accounts for contractors
  8. Supplier performance management for government non-residential building projects
  9. Resources for contractors on Department of Finance contracts
  10. Information for consultants on Department of Finance projects

If you know what you are looking for, you can click straight through to the section you need. If you have not previously supplied works to government, you can click through all the pages chronologically to get an overview of how to supply to government.

Page reviewed 1 December 2021