Burswood Peninsula District Structure Plan

The purpose of the Burswood Peninsula District Structure Plan is to provide a strategic framework for the planning, assessment, coordination and implementation of major development initiatives across the Burswood Peninsula.
Last updated: 1 December 2021

The vision of the Burswood Peninsula District Structure Plan is to create an attractive, vibrant and sustainable urban setting, with a diverse mix of housing, recreation, entertainment, tourism and employment opportunities.

The principal objectives of the Burswood Peninsula District Structure Plan are to:

  • place the Peninsula in its regional context and identify any factors that might influence the future planning and development of the area
  • confirm the role and function of Peninsula in the context of the State Government’s metropolitan planning strategy, Directions 2031 and Beyond
  • develop a spatial plan that defines planning and development precincts, and informs the preparation of local structure plans, planning scheme amendments, and statutory planning and development proposals
  • identify existing environmental and geotechnical site conditions and confirm what additional studies and investigations are necessary to support planning and development decisions
  • identify any social and community infrastructure that will be necessary to support the proposed new development
  • identify any services and infrastructure constraints, and options for the coordinated delivery of additional capacity to the area.

The scale of development across the peninsula is significant, with nine planning precincts estimated to yield:

  • 12,500 residential units
  • 250,000 m2 of commercial floor space
  • 65,000 m2 of retail floor space
  • A new 60,000 seat stadium
  • A new 500 room hotel (Crown Perth).