Model subdivision conditions schedule

Model Subdivision Conditions are an essential tool used by the WAPC and referral agencies to ensure adherence to planning legislation and policies.
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Model Subdivision Conditions are an effective tool used by the WAPC and referral agencies to assist in the consistent application of planning legislation and policies when making decisions on subdivision applications.

The updated Model Subdivision Conditions Schedule – January 2024, includes minor updates to the five principles for validity of conditions, and to the Introduction, which outlines the subdivision approval process, as well as updates to links and related codes.

The schedule is updated regularly with the approval of the WAPC Chairman to ensure subdivision conditions are contemporary and that the required outcomes are being achieved. It is expected that the model conditions are utilised by all referral agencies. Where an agency considers that a model condition is not appropriate, additional supporting information to justify the use of an amended condition must be provided and the proposed amended condition will need to be assessed for consistency and validity.