Picton Industrial Park district structure plan

The Picton Industrial Park Southern Precinct is located to the east of Picton, an existing industrial area in the eastern part of Greater Bunbury, the regional centre for the South West of Western Australia.

The Picton Industrial Park Southern Precinct District Structure Plan (DSP), identifies the principal planning considerations to be taken into account in successfully developing the DSP area predominantly for industrial development. It represents the latest DSP for the wider Preston Industrial Park (2950 hectares), originally identified as a long-term industrial area for Greater Bunbury in the 1995 Bunbury Wellington Region Plan and in Industry 2030: Greater Bunbury Industrial Land and Port Access Planning in 2000.

This plan provides a high-level strategic outline of the planning requirements to accommodate the proposed industrial uses and associated infrastructure for the DSP area, together with zoning for Rural and Regional Open Space reserves. It will provide the strategic planning framework for more detailed local structure plans.

Accompanying the District Structure Plan are the District Water Management Strategy and the Bushfire Hazard Level Assessment documents.

For further information, contact the Bunbury office of the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage.


Picton Industrial Park Southern Precinct Structure Plan
Page reviewed 1 December 2021