Pilbara coast - geology, geomorphology and vulnerability

Research and analysis
Geology, Geomorphology and Vulnerability of the Pilbara Coast, in the Shires of Ashburton, East Pilbara and Roebourne, and the Town of Port Hedland, Western Australia.
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The Western Australian Planning Commission commissioned Damara Pty Ltd to prepare the Geology, Geomorphology and Vulnerability of the Pilbara Coast report to provide a technical assessment of geomorphic vulnerability of the Pilbara coast.

The report covers the Pilbara coastline, between Hope Point in the Exmouth Gulf and Tryon Point north of Eighty Mile Beach. The project also provides geomorphologic assessment on areas of planning interest encompassing the townsites of Onslow, Karratha, and Port Hedland.

Guided by the Western Australian Planning Commission's State Planning Policy No. 2.6 - State Coastal Planning Policy, this report is intended to inform further detailed studies of local coastal processes, coastal hazard risk management and adaptation planning for development and uses along the Pilbara coast.

This project is supported by funding from the Western Australian Government's State Natural Resource Management Program.