Preston River to Ocean Regional Park establishment plan

The Preston River to Ocean Establishment Plan proposal provides the framework for the Preston River to Ocean Regional Park, and represents a significant step towards the creation of a regional park for Greater Bunbury.

Valuable input from the public, community consultative committee and technical advisory group have contributed to the formulation of this Establishment Plan Proposal.

The proposed park includes Manea Park, Shearwater Tuart Forest and The Maidens, extending east to west spanning a distance of seven kilometres. It contains a unique sequence of landform and vegetation complexes that are characteristic of the Swan Coastal Plain.

With the Greater Bunbury Region Scheme now in operation, regional open space reservations are in place over the land identified for the park, affording statutory protection of the unique conservation and recreational values they hold.

The concept of a continuous reserve from the Preston River to the Coast has been central to planning in Greater Bunbury for many years and has received strong, ongoing community support.


Preston River to Ocean Regional Park establishment plan
Page reviewed 6 September 2021