Capital city planning framework 2013

The Capital City Planning Framework provides a key planning strategy for Central Perth that sets out how it is to respond to its role as State Capital, and envisions a renewed sense of landscape character and connectivity.
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The framework indicates how the objectives can be delivered in this focus area. It also provides overarching principles to guide and complement local government plans, such as the City of Perth publication An Urban Design Framework.

The anticipated changes over the next phase of our history will present as many opportunities and be as equally challenging as those that have formed Perth in the past. This framework aims to deliver a robust strategy to meet these opportunities and challenges in a positive way.

The draft framework was released for public comment in mid-2011, and received almost unanimous in-principle endorsement in the submissions of stakeholder organisations and community members, along with many positive suggestions about how it could be improved. This final edition incorporates as many of these suggestions as possible, while maintaining the overall policy direction of the draft document.