Swan Urban Growth Corridor Sub-Regional Structure Plan

The sub-regional structure plan is a strategic document that seeks to achieve proper and orderly planning and development of land and infrastructure consistently across the study area.

The sub-regional structure plan provides a set of policy principles to guide future development in the corridor in a coordinated manner, commensurate with the needs of the community. It takes into account  factors such as economic development, road networks, transit stations, community facilities, district open space, urban densities, activity corridors and neighbourhood centres.

The sub-regional structure plan will guide the preparation of future district and local structure plans, including decisions relating to these plans by the WAPC and the City of Swan.

The sub-regional structure plan includes the future urban cells in the Henley Brook (Albion), West Swan and Caversham areas.


Swan Urban Growth Corridor Sub-Regional Structure Plan
Page reviewed 1 December 2021