The housing we'd choose planning study

Research and analysis
The report on The housing we’d choose: a study for Perth and Peel is based on research conducted by the Grattan Institute on housing preferences of residents of Melbourne and Sydney.

The study for Perth was jointly commissioned by the Department of Planning and the Department of Housing and supported by the WA chapters of the Housing Industry Association, Planning Institute of Australia and Property Council of Australia.

The study reveals what is important to people when choosing housing. It identifies the trade-offs people are willing to make when their preferences are constrained by affordability or location factors.  A representative sample of people residing in the metropolitan regions of Perth and Peel were surveyed in this study.

The study will inform the State Government, the real estate market and the development industry on how to tailor homes and communities to meet future needs of Perth’s growing population.

The planning and delivery of housing in the metropolitan region is currently guided by the State Affordable Housing Strategy: Opening Doors (2011-2020) and Directions 2031 and beyond (2010).


The Housing We’d Choose: a study for Perth and Peel - Summary
The Housing We’d Choose: a study for Perth and Peel - Report
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