Western Australia's Innovation Strategy

This strategy outlines our 10-year plan to establish WA as a global hub of invention, investment, innovation and impact
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Western Australia's innovation strategy

This strategy provides a vision for Western Australia that sets out clear goals from which to steer and prioritise efforts and benchmark our performance. It provides a holistic approach to innovation that recognises the many parts that make up the innovation ecosystem – and the central importance of people. 

Innovation can involve anything from incremental business improvements, alternative business models that disrupt entire industries, to scientific breakthroughs which push the boundaries of human endeavours. It affects all sectors of our economy and community including businesses large and small, governments, not-for-profits, schools, universities and vocational providers. It is essential for our economy and our well-being – and indeed the planet.

Our 10-year vision

The Strategy's goal is to inspire a new generation of innovators to solve our challenges and encourage the economy to move in exciting, new directions. The mission is to elevate Western Australian innovation onto the global radar and propel the local ecosystem into a new phase of growth.


The strategy sets itself the following 10-year goals to realise this vision. Western Australia will become a:

  • World leader in research and inventiveness
  • Location of choice for product and technology development, translation and testing
  • Home to globally-focussed organisations that scale, creating new jobs
  • Adopter of new technologies and a tech transfer haven
  • A place where innovation is inclusive and purposeful, rewarded and respected

Priority action areas

To achieve these 5 goals, the Government is taking action in 7 priority areas: 

  • Skills, people and culture: The Western Australian Government will invest in building additional talent across the State and attracting talent globally.
  • Research and tech transfer: The Western Australian Government will set out a bold new science and research agenda, fit for the decade ahead, and seek to maximise technology transfer opportunities across the State’s growing economy.
  • Networks, precincts and shared facilities: The Western Australian Government will accelerate efforts to enable innovation hubs, precincts and shared facilities to strengthen the innovation ecosystem across the State.
  • Access to capital: The Western Australian Government will encourage the growth of an active local venture capital market for WA innovators and investigate other ways to ensure there is access to sufficient capital.
  • Procurement and supply chains: The Western Australian Government is making procurement easier for WA startups and small businesses to provide access to major industry and Government contracts, and will work with partners to open market access to global supply chains.
  • Diversity and inclusion: The Western Australian Government will grow and foster the diversity and inclusiveness of the Western Australian economy, providing opportunities for greater participation in new and innovative economic activity by underrepresented groups.
  • Promotion and adoption: The Western Australian Government will elevate efforts to promote and celebrate the outstanding scientific,
    technological and innovative capability of WA internationally and at home, supporting the adoption of new technologies and innovations across businesses and communities.

Implementation and communication

This Strategy will work in tandem with a range of other Western Australian Government strategies, and plans to:

  • Develop a performance framework specifically designed for the State’s innovation ecosystem. 
  • Work with the Australian Government and other parties to keep track of innovation performances and any emerging gaps.
  • Encourage stakeholder groups to form informal innovation alliances to keep sharing opportunities, challenges and new ways in which Western Australia can innovate with purpose, impact and inclusion.

If you would like to find out more about the innovation opportunities in Western Australia, please contact the Innovation team at innovation@jtsi.wa.gov.au.