Department of Communities - Housing procurement and contracts

Information relating to the Department of Communities housing procurement and contract management.
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The Department of Communities (Communities) essential services to the Western Australian community are  supported by substantial procurement activities. Achieving best value for money in procurement supports quality outcomes for the people we serve and stretches public expenditure.

The Western Australian Procurement Rules were developed by the Department of Finance  and aimed to harmonise not only Communities approach but the State’s approach to procurement, and in doing so:

  1. Promote the delivery of added sustainable economic, social and environmental benefits for Western Australians;
  2. Reduce the barriers to small and medium business participation;
  3. Strengthen integrity measures, to promote ethical and accountable practices; and
  4. Enables coordinated whole-of-government procurement leaderships, with localised accountability and decision making.

Communities is committed to maintaining the highest level of ethical standards at all times and expects those doing business with us do the same. We invite you to become familiar with our Statement of Business ethics.