Working with Children Check - Obligations and compliance

Understand what obligations individuals and organisations have under the Working with Children (WWC) legislation.
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By complying with the Working with Children (Screening) Act 2004 you are both following the law and also helping to create a safer environment for children in Western Australia and the Christmas and Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

See the About the WWC Screening Unit page for more information on how we monitor and enforce compliance.

Employees, volunteers, students and self-employed people

Employees, 'volunteers', 'students' and self-employed people have various obligations under the legislation.

More information on offences and penalties for employees, volunteers, students, and self-employed people will be provided soon.

Employers, volunteer organisations and education providers

Employers, volunteer organisations and 'education providers' have various obligations under the legislation.

More information on offences and penalties for employers, volunteer organisations, and education providers will be provided soon.

Record keeping

Good record keeping is essential to an organisation’s ability to demonstrate compliance with the WWC legislation

The WWC Screening Unit recommends organisations keep:

  • a list of all individuals engaging in child-related work with the organisation and their WWC Check application number (where applicable), WWC Card number and expiry date
  • a list of individual engaging in child-related work who are exempt from requiring a WWC Check and any expiry date to their exemption, e,g child volunteer
  • copies of WWC Cards for all individuals engaging in child-related work
  • copies of any online card validations.
  • copies all notifications received from the WWC Screening Unit, including Interim Negative Notices or Negative Notices and any actions taken by the organisation.

A template record keeping spreadsheet and compliance toolkits can be found on our Resources page to assist organisations with WWC Check record keeping.