New Industries Fund: Commercialisation Bridge Grant

The Commercialisation Bridge Grant is a competitive government grant designed to assist Western Australian innovators bridge the gap between commercialised innovation and a sustainable business.
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The Commercialisation Bridge Grant (CBG) is a competitive Western Australian government grant, funded through the $25.8 million New Industries Fund which sits under the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI).

Launching for the first time in 2023-24, the CBG has been designed to assist WA innovators in bridging the gap - the so-called ‘Valley of Death’ - between a commercialised innovation and a sustainable, scalable business, creating more jobs and economic diversification for Western Australia.

Applications for the 2023/24 Commercialisation Bridge Grant have now opened and will remain open all year on the Good Grants platform.

Various ‘cut-off dates’ will be announced during the year, when the latest submissions will be downloaded, and assessed.

More information

Click on the accordion sections below to find out more about the Commercialisation Bridge Grant, including the aims of the grant as well as other grants. 

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About the Grant

The WA Government recognises that innovative startups and small businesses have great ideas, but taking these ideas and turning them into new and sustainable, scalable business opportunities with real commercial outcomes can be difficult.

A typical startup/ small business who the CBG could fund would:

  • Be based in WA;

  • Have at least a three-year trading history;

  • Have developed a commercial innovation;

  • Have some early customer revenues; but,

  • Not yet achieved ‘break through growth’, (but has the potential to do so).

Aims of the Grant

The aims of the CBG is to assist founder(s)/teams in:

  • Western Australia who have been developing their innovation-drive business for at least a few years, have customers and the potential to build a scalable, multi-million dollar business;

  • Contributing to, matching and completing a new funding round, without further diluting the investors;

  • Strengthening their commercialised product or service, such that it can become a sustainable, profitable and scalable business;

  • Building a globally-focused innovative business and team; and

  • Creating jobs, developing new industries and assisting in the diversification of the WA economy, as per the Diversify WA framework.

Other grants

If your project is not yet commercialised, and needs early development work, testing or commercialisation services, then another grant, such as the Innovation Booster Grant (maximum $40,000) might be more suitable. Other grants are also available from local, state and federal government agencies.