Development Assessment Panels reforms

The State Government is making changes to Western Australia’s Development Assessment Panel system.


Two initiatives of the Action Plan for Planning Reform focused specifically on reforms to improve the Development Assessment Panel (DAP) system:

  • Development Assessment Panel (DAP) processes are more consistent and transparent.
  • Development assessment processes are streamlined and outcomes-focussed.

Development Assessment Panels comprise a balance of local government and expert members to enhance planning expertise in determining development applications. The number of panels has been reduced from (9) to five (5) and will be further reduced to three (3) panels, and a new Special Matters DAP to consider complex development proposals.

Changes to the Planning and Development (Development Assessment Panel) Regulations 2011 are currently being scoped. These changes will create a new Special Matters Development Assessment Panel, further reduce the number of geographic panels from the current five-panel configuration to no more than three, and provide for greater transparency and consistency in the DAP system.

Development Assessment Panels reform (PDF 750 kb)

Media statement - Planning reform delivers robust Development Assessment Panels (22 April 2020)

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Draft Regulations for the changes proposed to the DAP system are being progressed and will be subject to consultation.

Page reviewed 1 December 2021